Spectacular Celebrity Engagement Ring Upgrades

Has your jewelry taste changed, or your financial situation has simply improved from what it was when you got engaged? Perhaps you might be looking for a bigger and brighter center stone? Either way, you are considering an engagement ring upgrade. If you think, you are the only one looking for a ring update, you would be happy to know that the trend is more popular than ever. It even includes numerous celebrities who have engagement ring updates.


Bethenny Frankel


The former Real Housewives star received a 6.5-carat pear diamond and trillion-cut diamond three-stone engagement ring from Jason Hoppy in 2009. And just before 2 years of marriage, she got her ring upgraded with a double halo pear diamond split shank ring. Later, this famous TV celebrity was also seen wearing large diamond ring in on her sacred finger. It is clear that Frankel’s ring upgrade was spectacular.

Rachel Zoe


Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe wore an emerald-cut diamond ring with baguette side stones before she became mom in 2011. Her husband Roger upgraded her ring with a 10-carat cushion-cut halo ring, which was a push present. In 2013, a cushion cut split shank ring was spotted on her sacred finger. Possibly, this was her second push gift to celebrate the birth of their second son.

Carmelo Anthony


Carmelo Anthony upgraded his wife’s 8-carat cushion-cut diamond ring with a 20-carat oval diamond ring in 2012 on her birthday.

Avril Lavigne


Another celebrity who received an updated ring was Avril Lavigne. The singer was presented with a 17-carat emerald-cut diamond ring on her first wedding anniversary. The ring was 3-carat bigger her original engagement ring. Later, Chad Kroeger gave his wife a birthday gift of 20-carat diamond ring.

Mel B


When talking about ring makeover, we can’t forget Ex-Spice Girls. First is Mel B who receives updated rings in every couple of years. The X Factor judge married to husband Stephen Belafonte in 2007. Since then, she was seen wearing few rings including fancy yellow diamond rings and cushion halo engagement rings. According to Mel B, her hubby gets her upgraded rings in every couple of years.

Victoria Beckham


Another Spice Girl who got an engagement ring upgrade is Victoria Beckham. She is known for her extraordinary fashion sense and for her over the top ring collection. Victoria is believed to have more than 13 diamond and gemstone engagement rings in her collection. Her rings are gifts from David Beckham over 16 years of marriage. Her famous upgrades include a large cushion shaped emerald ring and a cocktail ruby ring that she often swap with her original marquise diamond ring.

Rebecca Romijn


If you think, ring upgrades requires a whole new rock, check out Rebecca Romijn’s ring. The ‘Ugly Betty’ star had a classic yellow diamond halo ring. When Rebecca was pregnant, the ring went through a makeover for a more comfortable fit. Now the diamond is attached to her yellow gold ring in a unique way that allows it to move and catch light.

What do you think of these celebrity engagement ring upgrades? Do you like to have a new bling, or consider changing your existing ring if you want to upgrade it? We would love to know your views over engagement ring makeover in comments below.

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