Top 4 Engagement Ring Owners

The thought of wearing unique and stylish engagement ring is the earnest desire of every woman. This temptation has its roots spread in the glamour world as well, and ranging from the Hollywood actresses to the Royal Ladies and the politicians all have time and again flaunted their large e-rings.

The list of the ones having most popular engagement rings is long and interesting. We have picked the top four for you. Let us read about the owners of the top four engagement rings of the world:

4) The American celebrity Jennifer Aniston wears a massive ring on her that finger. She received this ring from Justin Theroux in the year 2012. It is a majestic 8 carat ring which was then valued to be around £600,000 and its price has gone up by 37.5 percent, making it to be valued for about £825,000 as on today.

3) Counting downwards, the third position holder can be different according to different people. According to the Daily Mail, this position is enjoyed by none other than our First Lady, Michelle Obama. Her solitaire diamond engagement ring was presented to her by the President of The United States Of America, Barrack Obama in the year 1991. The 1 carat diamond ring then valued £7,500, went up by 167 percent and is around £20,000 according to the current market price.

2) Queen Elizabeth II stands next in the line. Her engagement ring has a 3 carat diamond solitaire and 5 smaller diamonds on the sides. The ring is set in platinum and these diamonds were plucked off the tiara of Prince Philip’s mother. The ring’s current price is around £100,000, though its original price was £28,000 in 1947, which has gone up by 900 percent to reach the current price.

1) No ring till date matches the glamour and beauty of the ring of Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Her ring had been the talk of the world ever since her mother-in-law, Lady Diana wore it for the very first time. The ring has an oval shaped Ceylon Sapphire as the center stone surrounded by sparkling diamonds. Set in white gold, this ring was bought in 1981 at a price of £28,000, which has gone up by 971 percent in 30 years and has reached the market price of £300,000.

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