Invisible-Set Diamond Jewelry

Invisible Setting Diamond JewelryJewelry of all kinds look good and bear a distinct allure that makes us want more of them but one thing that cannot be denied is, while some pieces look absolutely gorgeous and always stand out others may not look so flattering. We all know that there are many features and elements involved in creating every single piece and the interesting part is that with a little variation in even one factor there can be a whole new change and a look that you never imagined. Apart from the design and the stones the setting has a major role to play and if perfectly executed the result is one that is outstanding in every possible way.

One type of setting that looks remarkable and has every good reason to be reckoned with is the invisible setting. It is something that is not so easy to do and can be executed by only the highly skilled setters who are equipped to give the piece a look and finish that is perfect and flawless. This particular technique was born in France and soon the world took notice and other professionals set forth to the place of its origin to learn this involving and time consuming technique. Like all good things don’t come easy, the brilliant look of this setting is also achieved by long and arduous hours where patience, articulation and precision are actually put to test.

In this fabulous setting the diamonds are placed next to each other in quick succession with no gaps or metal setting being visible so they appear like a continuous strip of diamonds. What is done is that instead of using any metal setting on the surface, the stones are actually set from below and the effect is breathtakingly brilliant and beautiful. This lavish and exquisite craftsmanship looks gorgeous in jewelry of all kinds especially if they boast of the dazzling diamonds. No matter what style or type, the setting alone can make people gasp at the sheer splendor on display.

Invisible Setting DiamondsOne thing that you must keep in mind while opting for this setting is to never choose light and flimsy pieces as they will always have a tendency of snapping especially at the  time of cleaning and resizing. Besides when there are diamonds involved you wouldn’t want to lose these precious stones that are sure to fall free if the metal base is not strong enough. What works in this setting is a sturdy and firm metal base since the setting is done underneath the girdle of each gem. Besides when you seek professional cleaning or resizing of your piece, it may get damaged if a frail metal base tries in vain to support the stones.

Always remember if you invest wisely in your jewelry they will not only look splendid for years but also remain in good shape with no trace of wear and tear. Besides the magnificence of invisible set diamonds in a style you love deserves to be treasured for its beauty and impeccable craftsmanship.


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