Cool Proposal Ideas

The story of how you proposed to your lady love is something that you shall remember all your life and would also want to share with your family and friends. So, why not give your proposal an interesting twist and make it a memorable experience. Here are some cool proposal ideas that will help you plan a proposal that is both creative and romantic.

Photo Booth Proposal

Photo Booth Proposal...

Propose the love of your life in a photo booth and get your special moments captured. Take her to a photo booth and get some cool pictures clicked. In the end, surprise her with a solitaire engagement ring and capture all her reactions in candid photographs!

Street Art Proposal

Street Art Proposal.....

Street art or graffiti is indeed a cool way to ask her to marry you. Create some lovely murals and paint your proposal in the form of pictures on a wall (you can also hire some graffiti artists if you are not good at it). Take her to the spot blindfolded; get down on your knee against the wall and then as soon as she opens her eyes pop the question with a gorgeous ring in your hand.

On-Air Proposal

On-Air Proposal

If your girl loves listening to the radio, this idea will work really well for you. Find out about her favorite radio station or favorite show and call that particular station’s office or if required visit it to make all the arrangements. You can dedicate a song to her with a romantic message and make sure the two of you are together when it plays. Get down on your knee as soon as the message is played and ask her to marry you with a uniquely designed three stone ring.

Underwater Proposal

Underwater Proposal...

For adventure lovers, there can be nothing more exciting than an underwater proposal. While you go scuba diving with your girl, try holding out a water-proof sign with the question on it or simply get down on your knee and hold the ring up for her to see.

A cool proposal needs a cool proposal ring as well. So go ahead and choose a ring that is as unique as your proposal. From contemporary rings to vintage ones, you will find a wide assortment of stunning engagement rings at online jewelry stores.

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