Jewelry Trends of 2015 for Valentine’s Day

Jewelry is a staple accessory in any wardrobe. Women of all ages love to receive and flaunt beautiful jewels. With change in time, the jewelry trends also change. However, few styles are classic and always remain in fashion.

If you would be planning for a special date night this Valentine’s Day (that you would certainly be doing) then including the latest and hottest jewelry accessories would be an awesome way to look beautiful and stylish.

Note: Guys, if you are planning to surprise her with a gift of jewelry, then you must read this to know the most happening trends. She will love to get something new and chic.

Yellow Gold:

The prices have gone 33 percent down in two years. People are going to the old times and trying more o the traditional things. Together, all these reasons make yellow gold a preferred metal for jewelry this year. Yellow gold was the complimentary accessory for Golden Globes and Oscars. It was the metal of choice for spring runways for all the 1970s outfits. With so much in favor, the traditional metal will stay here for the year.

Necklace Layering:

With the bonanza of different necklines, adding layers of necklaces to your collection is must. Check out the spring runways for inspirations or just create your own style with those pendants and chains you have piled up in previous years.

Ring Stacking:

We have already seen the trend on red carpet previously and it will continue this year as well. Bands of different width, gemstones of different size, tiny motifs or engraved rings, you have choices for stacking. Create a bold look by putting many small and slim bands. People, if a proposal is on the go, then choosing stacked engagement ring would be a wonderful idea.

Colored Diamonds:

Colored diamonds, both natural and treated will be a rage. The credit for their popularity partly goes to the marketing campaigns and promotions made by HSN, QVC and EFFY. The beauty of colored diamonds intrigues the consumers so much that they keep the quality and cost at secondary level. As natural fancy diamonds are rare and could cost a premium, enhanced diamonds are the more popular among consumers. You can think of buying her a pair of enhanced blue diamond earrings or a pendant. It will make a luxurious gift for sure.

Ear Climbers:


Celestial-inspired styles that creep up the ear made a splash on many red carpets in 2014 and they are staying here for another year, at least. You can only expect them to mushroom, as there will be numerous affordable versions of high-end designer ear cuffs. If the term sounds confusing, ear cuffs or climbers are studs or studs with hooks that snake up the ear lobe. The funky, modern and eye-catching look of these earrings attracts women of all ages. They certainly make a great accessory for the eve or a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Whimsical Color Combos:

Whether you are choosing ornate earrings or decided for a statement necklace, bring colors to your accessories. This year, colors will be in action. Gemstone jewelry like multi-stone earrings, pendants and rings will be the center of attraction. If you dare to experiment, choose a bib necklace or a cuff bracelet in multiple bright tones or you can play safe by adding rather dainty pieces like a three stone pendant (each gem of different color). This could also be a resplendent gift for a loved one.

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