Moissanite Jewelry vs. Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry has been historically sought after, with the rich and famous flaunting these dazzling gemstones at every occasion, causing jealousy and awe wherever they appear in public. However, this beautiful gem stone has left in its wake a lot of war, woe and slavery. There has been a lot of controversy in the recent years regarding the escalating price of diamond jewelry and related adverse impacts in local sources like Ghana and South Africa. In the light of these facts, both buyers and sellers are looking for substitutes for diamond jewelry that are affordable and can be worn guilt free, without the added burden of wearing a “blood diamond”.

More sparkle, more dazzle

Moissanite is one such stone that has gained a lot of popularity of late in this regard. This stone, though first mined in a meteorite in Arizona, due to its brilliance, sparkle and higher clarity compared to diamond, was processed synthetically for mass production. It is a stone for the masses that has higher sparkle and fire compare to diamond, near about the same clarity, cut and finish.

Affordable and easily accessible

The best thing about this stone is the fact that it is much more affordable compared to diamond and is pocket friendly for people who want the same quality as diamond, but at a cheaper rate. It is undoubtedly the fashion jewelry option for the smart! Moissanite is a good wedding engagement ring option for middle class couples across the country, if you would not like to begin your marriage with the debt of an expensive diamond ring. And since the sentiment counts more than the dollar bill, when you present the engagement ring to your beloved, moissanite will become your girl’s new best friend!

Free from oligopolistic competition

Diamonds are, as always much overrated with clever marketing policies creating acute supply shortages that inflate the price of diamond. This does not apply to moissanite since; it is processed synthetically in laboratories and not under an oligopolistic competition that we see for diamond. With moissanite, rest assured that you will sleep with a clean conscience when you know that you have not been ripped off.

More trendy

With affordable Moissanite jewelry in a variety of cuts invading the market, now you can indulge in different styles and trends and pick the sets that suit you and your occasion the best. Moissanite also provides various avenues for costume jewelry trend since it is cheaper to experiment. It can be fashioned into a variety of pendants, necklaces, tiaras, anklets and can even be used to embellish garments due to its crystalline look and clarity. Invest in moissanite jewelry and be confident that you will not regret your decision, when everyone praises your jewels without knowing that you bought the dazzle of diamonds at the price of pearls.

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