Stylish Jewelry – Butterfly Set

Did you see a butterfly lately? On a tee, or a mug, or a tattoo? Why are so many people gravitating towards this light winged creature? There seems to be nothing substantial about it. ‘Tis just an insect.

Did I say that? An insect capable of transforming itself completely; an insect that even the ancient Greek language called “soul”. (Gk. For butterfly translates as soul).

Research shows that across cultures, butterflies have been associated with change, metamorphosis and the soul. And life, especially love in one’s life brings about just that. Haven’t you seen how everything takes on a new hue when love walks in? There’s’ a ‘smile in your heart’ and the world smiles with you! Transformation then, comes from love. And butterflies symbolize this best. Butterfly jewelry with diamonds takes this a step further, combining the adamantine force of your soul in the delicate wings of this exquisite little creature. What you are expressing, thus, when you give the gift of butterfly jewelry, is that through the transformations, and the processes, my soul and my love for you endure, forever and ever.

Perfect Push Present, isn’t it?

Choose only a butterfly pendant if there is a crunch, or go all out and buy her a set of butterfly ring, butterfly pendant and butterfly earrings. I have yet to meet someone who hates butterflies! Or diamonds! But then, if you want other gemstones to symbolize more than what diamonds do, check our gemstone butterfly jewelry and two and three tone gold butterfly jewelry.

BTW, only the butterfly ring above is available on three easy installments of less than $60 each! The ring will be delivered to you after receipt of your first payment.

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