Biggest diamond in India

India has undoubtedly the most illustrious history when it comes to diamonds. India was the first place in the world where diamonds were mined and for a long time they ruled the world in its production and trade.

Historically, the Golconda mines in Andhra Pradesh were famous for producing diamonds. However the diamond sources from that mine is now exhausted and now the major production of diamonds in India comes from the Panna mine in Madhya Pradesh.

This Tuesday, they found largest diamond ever to be found in from these mines in Madhya Pradesh. C.E.Kindo Project Manager at the National Mineral Development Corporation said over a phone call, “We have found the biggest ever diamond. The diamond is not only bigger in size, but it is of extremely good quality as compared to the diamond we found in 2005.”

The diamonds is a huge 34.37 carat, and given the excellent quality of the diamond, it is expected to fetch at least Two Crore Rupees, approximately $430,000 in an auction. The diamond has now been sealed and ready to be auctioned in an auction in Panna.

This Panna mine in India is the only merchandised diamond mine in Asia, it is also known to produce excellent quality diamonds, next only to the South African mines.

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