Eternal Borgezi Diamond Stilettos worth $155,000

Eternal Borgezie Diamond Stilettos

House of Borgezie famous for its line of luxury jewelry has created a pair of gold and diamond stilettos worth $155,000. Named Eternal Borgezie Diamond Stiletto, these stilettos are studded with 2,200 diamonds. The diamonds weigh a total of 30 carats. These pair of shoes almost entirely made of gold and diamonds come with 1,000 years of guarantee.

These stilettos may not the most expensive (Stuart Weitzman’s tanzanite sandals worth $2 million get that credit) but at $155,000 they are not much far behind.

The company claims that with these pair of shoes that they have again created perfection, in same way that they had earlier created the Faberge Egg, the Buggati Veyron and the mask of


The designer of this shoe, Christopher Michael Shellis said that it took him three years to develop this design. One of the many patented designs of the shoe is the unique heel, which is inspired from the stamens of lily. The beautiful design displays the quest of the designers to achieve the perfection that the nature displays.

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  • July 15, 2010


    The stuart weitzman’s shoes can not really be categorised on the same level as all they where is conventional ordinary shoes with jewellery attached an and sewn on this could be achieved by any one with a piece of expensive jewellery what happens when the shoe wears out the jewellery is just taken so it in no more than a novelty, and publicity stunt with no real integrity, and certainly no comparison whatsoever to the borgezie stiletto

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