Flawless Diamond fetches $22.1 million

The dazzling world of diamonds has seen many big and beautiful diamonds come and go. If we are mesmerized by one diamond some day, the very next day, our attention is captivated by another alluring diamond.

But, recently the whole world has witnessed one massive diamond, which is unique in many ways. It is completely flawless, and its classic cut makes it stand out. This, 100-carat diamond was auctioned at Sotheby’s in New York last week. An anonymous bidder made a phone bid and within three minutes of bidding, the massive diamond was sold for $22.1 million.

Flawless Diamond fetches $22.1 million

De Beers mined it in Africa and originally it was of 200-carats. It took them long one year to cut and polish and bring it to the current position. It has classic emerald cut and high-end polish. It is completely transparent and according to Gary Schuler, the head of Sotheby’s jewelry department in New York, the diamond gives the feeling of looking inside a water pool and also that the diamond is a definition of perfection.

It is interesting to know that the diamond’s pre-sale estimate was from $19 to $25 million. It was auctioned along with 350 other jewels and the diamond became the one getting the highest value.

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