Rare ‘Martian Pink Diamond’ Auctioned At $17.4 million

The auction at Geneva set a record of highest price a ruby had fetched at any auction. Now another record has set at Christie’s Hong Kong on Wednesday where the rare ‘Martina Pink Diamond’ was sold at a whopping record price of $17.4 million.

Martian's Pink DiamondThe frenzied bidding took only six minutes and it crossed the estimated limit of $8 – $12 million. Martian Pink Diamond is one of the two rare pink diamonds of such a bigger size. The diamond was cut by the legendary jeweler Harry Winston in 1976 that cut and named it ‘Martian” to honor the efforts of American government in sending the first satellite on mission to Mars.

Queen Elizabeth II Wear Williamson Pink Diamond Harry Winston cut the rare diamond in such a way that its intensity was even larger than anything he cut in the past. The gem is an intense rose colored diamond with no secondary color. Its single tone is also an added value for the diamond. This 12 carats rock is the largest pink diamond to be ever sold at any auction. The most famous pink diamond in the world belongs to Queen Elizabeth II. She received this 23.6 carats round ‘Williamson Pink’ diamond as a gift on her wedding in 1947.

The ‘Martian Pink’ gem was owned by an American collector who wanted it to be sold at Hong Kong because he studied the market and found that the top prices in recent times were obtained from here because of the keen interest of Chinese and other South Asian countries in diamonds. in a very competitive bidding an anonymous telephonic bidder had finally purchased it at $17.4 million.

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