World’s most expensive suit


Famous designer Stuart Huges from Liverpool has done it again and this time in collaboration with Manchester tailor Richard Jewels. He has made the world’s most expensive suit that was recently sold for 599,000 pounds.

This stunning suit has a total of 480 single cut diamonds that add up to 240 carats. Each diamond weighs 0.5 carat and displays G color and VS-2 clarity.

The fabric of the suit is cashmere wool and silk. It is claimed that it took more than 600 hours to produce this masterpiece. The suit was described in Daily Telegraph as a ‘timeless classic’ that will ‘make any man stand out from the crowd.’

Mr. Huges produced three such suits. The first was sold to a buyer from France. Along with the suit, the buyer gets a two weeks, all expenses paid vacation to Arc en Ciel in Saint Lucia.

Mr. Huges is the celebrated designer of many expensive gadgets such as the most expensive phone, TV and model car.

Jewels and Huges both are donating ten percent from each sale to the Haiti relief fund.

Jewels said, “I hope to establish a luxury brand that will not only capture the eyes but the hearts of the consumers. The Jewels brand for men and women will offer unrivalled customer service,”

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