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The Couple has Started Looking for Their Wedding Rings: Source

The celebrity couple Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake looked very much in love as they share an in-joke during rare PDA at Met Gala. Though couple has been very shy and is not exactly known for their red carpet PDAs or puckering up in public but it was their first official outing together since getting engaged last December. But we could really spot the huge diamond ring on Biel ring finger.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

Both Justin, 31 and fiancée Jessica 30 looked stunning while he chose Tom Ford tuxedo and bow tie, mixing together his Hollywood flair with an urban edge she was in an unusual Prada gown with jade stones. But it was the massive rock on her ring finger worth $130,000 that really stole the show.

Princess Diamond V Prong Cathedral Ring

Sources close to the couple say that they are already started scouting for wedding rings, after they were spotted trying on gems at jeweler shop Eli Halili in New York last Saturday.

Some sources tell us that not only the wedding rings, the couple enjoyed trying out some ancient rings and gemstone jewelry. This may not be possible for usual customers but given their celebrity status the couple enjoyed this privilege at the jewelry shop.

Classic Wedding Band in Platinum

Though reports are that the couple still is on the lookout for the right wedding bands but they did not disappoint the jeweler for being patient with them by purchasing a ring along with two necklaces. The ring is said to be in yellow gold and studded with a semi-precious gemstone.

Besides the ring all the engaged couples will also have to worry about a lot of details one such issue is the wedding dress. One of Biel’s friends has declared that she has been in talks with Monique Lhuillier for designing her wedding gown. Though Biel has still not made up her mind about it and is still looking for the right design, according to close sources but Lhuillier remains her first choice.

Justin and Jessica have been dating since January 2007 and reports are that they are looking for venues in Italy for their August wedding.

Princess cut diamond engagement rings

The glamor of dazzling diamonds is timeless. From the first stage of mining to the final step of setting into a piece of jewelry, the sparkle of diamond increases gradually and it is what that adds the beauty to a woman’s charm.

There are many factors that make a diamond a unique piece of adornment. Its 4Cs i.e. color, clarity, cut and carat are the quality setting parameters. Cut from the four is of major concern as it is how we can alter the clarity and appearance of a stone.

Princess Diamond Three Stone Ring

It refers to the proportion, symmetry and polish of diamond that result in the characteristic brilliance. The cut of a diamond is classified into brilliant, step, mixed, rose and modified styles. All these show the symmetrical arrangement of facets.

One of the most popular cuts of diamond is princess cut which is famous for its sheer brilliance and stylish and elegant square appearance. Princess cut was invented to utilize the maximum of the rough stone which is otherwise shed off up to 50% and more in case of other cuts like round brilliant. Princess cut, also called quadrillion cut is a square shape with unique and different faceting style.

Princess Diamond Cathedral Solitaire Ring

Its linear life which helps in light reflection is a result of a symmetry created due to the cross cut crown and chevron-shaped facets in the pavilion which collective creates an X shaped reflection. Princess cut diamonds have vertically cut pavilion and crown facets which is a unique feature of brilliant style and is profoundly seen only in round and oval diamonds. The crown of princess cut is little lower and the table is large. Such symmetry calls for less cutting yet gives more brilliance and fire. In this way a princess cut diamond retains approx 80% of the rough stone and is therefore cost less than round once. This is also a reason of its extreme popularity.

Princess Diamond Tulip Solitaire Ring

Princess cut diamond engagement rings are excellent expression of sentiments. A proposal with a princess cut ring reflects unique radiance and super lustrous looks. The cut is also popular among celebrities and many divas like Ali Larter, Sherri Shepherd, Kendra Wilkinson and Carrie Ann Inaba proudly flaunts princess cut diamond engagement rings.

If you are also looking for an elite and exclusive ring then princess cut diamond rings are perfect to pick from. Along with the timeless grace of diamonds the unique cut with high clarity will add more stars to your expression. If your lady demands a pop of color and diamond is not her first choice then princess cut gemstone rings are also available. These rings with finely cut center stone display the similar glamor as a diamond ring and add a splash of color to the romantic question.

Is Jennifer Aniston Engaged?

Celebs are most prone to gossips. Their stylish life is always a talk of the town. And this time it is Jennifer Aniston who grabbed all the lime light by just a little shine.

During a drive with beau Justin Theroux in NYC the actress flashed a sparkling bling on her sacred finger. And the sparkle called all the shutterbugs for an action.

So what the brilliance is all about? Is it an engagement ring or just another piece of jewelry?

As Jennifer is dating Justin since 2011 and rumors are it that they are planning to tie the knot so it might be a chance that Justin had popped the question. The couple moved into relation during the shooting of ‘Wanderlust’ but Jennifer in a recent interview denied the speculation saying that they were just friends at that time.

Jennifer Aniston Engaged

But now as the couple has declared that relation so the sparkle could strongly be a diamond engagement ring.

But if we check out the other side then we would come to know that Jennifer used to wear her name ring on the tell tale ring finger. So here we are in the mid of the debate if Jennifer is spotting an engagement ring or a signature ring?

While only the couple could answer the question we can at least think about the type of ring Justin could give to Jennifer.

Round Diamond Twisted Wedding Ring

The diamonds are certainly her particular choice as her ex-engagement ring was a masterpiece diamond bling. The ring given by Brad Pitt had a sparkling diamond in center was a spiral doom shaped design. It boasted diamond accents all over the whirlpool and received a lot of praise for the extravagant design.

Now Justin surely won’t give anything less than the former bling! So a massive vintage style diamond ring would be the perfect option for him. He might go a bit more thoughtful and add some symbols or signs for Aniston to decode or could even get the inspiration from the old world designs. So let’s wait for the big news to come from the couple’s side.

Brilliant Symphony of Diamond Accents for Charming Engagement Rings

Diamonds are always the best option to show the flawless style and they never fail in showing it with élan. For decades diamonds are considered the most authentic choice to express emotions and to exhibit style.

Diamond engagement rings have been the most desired traditional choice for a loving proposal. From royal couples to star pairs most of the celebs have picked the splendid diamonds to show their serious sentiments.

The three-stone diamond ring of Queen Elizabeth, the massive Krupp diamond of Liz Taylor, the Edwardian style diamond engagement ring of Katie Holmes and the controversial diamond bling of reality star Kim Kardashian are few of the known engagement rings that have swept many off the floor through their radiant looks.

It’s the elegant beauty of diamonds that effortlessly creates the enchanting effect. And not only as the main stone but diamonds as the accent stones equally leave the marked impression.

Diamonds as accents have been used for centuries. Whether it’s a royal suite of ruby jewels or an heirloom emerald set, diamonds were there to lend the much required brilliance. And in case of engagement rings, it is really difficult to find a ring with no diamonds in it. From the royal houses to the galleries of Hollywood and also among the ordinary homes, the shine of diamonds as a whole or as a side stones or accent stones was effectively noticed.

Let’s check out few much talked gemstone engagement rings that are glamorous and gorgeous. These rings received the brilliance through the diamonds counterparts of the main stone. The rings are the epitome of nature’s best beauty combinations and high end human craftsmanship.

Princess Diana’s 18-carat white gold sapphire engagement ring with 14 brilliant round diamonds

Princess Diana’s 18-Carat White Gold Sapphire Engagement Ring

Princess Sarah Ferguson’s 18-carat yellow gold ruby engagement ring with 10 drop diamonds

Princess Sarah Ferguson’s 18-Carat Yellow Gold Ruby Engagement Ring

Jackie Kennedy’s emerald engagement ring with round, marquise and tapered baguette diamonds

Jackie Kennedy’s Emerald Engagement Ring

Elizabeth Taylor’s ruby ring with 8 oval diamonds

Elizabeth Taylor’s Ruby Ring

Penelope Cruz’s antique 3 carat sapphire engagement ring with accent diamonds

Penelope Cruz’s Antique 3 Carat Sapphire Engagement Ring

Jessica Simpson’s ruby engagement ring with two diamond side stones

Jessica Simpson’s Ruby Engagement Ring

Tara Reid’s 12 carats citrine ring with accent diamonds

Tara Reid’s 12 Carats Citrine Ring

Jessica Finally Showed off Her Diamond Engagement Ring

So it’s finally here! After months of rumors, on and off relationship status and much awaited engagement confirmation, Jessica Biel finally debuted her engagement ring. And we must say that we are highly impressed with Justin’s selection. The ring which Jessica spotted wearing during a late lunch was simply spectacular.

At Brentwood eatery Tavern the newly engaged couple joined by another couple and their toddler were smiling brilliantly. Justin looked handsome in a checkered blue and white short sleeved shirt and newsboy cap. And Jessica was complimenting his looks in an aqua ensemble with a creamy jacket. The radiant factor of her style was the outstanding vintage diamond ring.

Jessica Biel’s Engagement Ring

The gorgeous engagement bling of Jessica holds a slightly rounded square-cut center diamond surrounded by accent diamonds. The center stone is bezel set and the white metal is adding glamor to the bling. The actual carat of the ring is though not yet known, the ring certainly captures the position of an impressive sparkle and is a welcoming addition to the list of those bold celeb baubles.

It looks like that the two have finally settled on their pre-nuptial agreement and so finally showed off the engagement ring in public.

Princess and Round Diamond Wedding Ring Set

It certainly seems the effect of springtime that the couple has looked happier than before. And of course the lovely vintage style diamond ring is speaking about the joyous status of Jessica and Justin.

Congratulations to the lovely couple! Enjoy the spring of love and brilliance.

Diamond Jewelry is The Best Pick for Valentine’s Day

When we talk about jewelry the first and the foremost thought that hits to our mind is about diamonds. Nothing can beat the glory and charm of diamond jewelry. Even after so many decades the magnificence of diamond jewelry is same and in fact it is enhancing day by day.

Diamond jewelry is not just the traditional gift but it is the most romantic and admirable present for someone we love die hard. If you are in love with someone and wish to show how much they mean to you then diamond jewelry is the best choice for you.

Diamond Shapes

If it’s a romantic proposal then a diamond ring with bold center stone and shimmering accents will bound her to say only yes. The selection of diamond shape is also of crucial importance. There are many regular and fancy shapes available. Round brilliant cut is the most popular among all as it maximize the light reflection. Other shapes are oval, trillion, cushion, Asscher, emerald-cut, princess to name a few.

You know you admire her but how to show it? Simply present her a pair of diamond earrings or a dazzling pendant. Earrings are a must have accessory for every girl. They not just complete the looks but also amazingly compliment the personality of the wearer. And easily lend a handful of style to the bewitching beauty.

                             Round Green Diamond Solitaire Studs in 14k White GoldRound Blue Diamond Solitaire Studs in 14k White Gold

If her choice is colorful then fancy diamond jewelry will also be an option. A pair of green diamond studs with white diamond accents or the most traditional round blue diamond studs and even the black and white combo of diamonds in twin hearts will sweep her feet off the floor.

Undoubtedly diamonds have the power and grace to enlighten a romantic day like Valentine’s Day. What are you thinking now?

Diamonds illuminated the Golden Globe Awards of year 2012

Diamonds are every celebrity’s first love (in jewelry) and they never miss a chance to show it. The brilliance and elegance of diamond is so outstanding that everyone wants to illuminate their stylish looks with diamonds. Celebrities are the epitome of this crazy fact. Whether it’s a regular day or a movie premiere and even a big and luminous award show, diamonds always accompany the tinsel beauties everywhere.

The 69th Golden Globe Awards were no exception to this. The awards were in fact another diamond fashion walk where most of the starlets were seen spotting their diamond looks. This year the Golden Globes brought the diamond earrings and bracelet combination in lime light. The diamond rings were also prominently noticed.

White was the dominant color of the award function red carpet clicks. Many gorgeous ladies flaunt in shades of white accessorized with diamonds for more clear and pristine looks.

Angelina Jolie with 69th golden globes

The Queen of red carpet, Angelina Jolie came up with her sensual white and red silky gown which she teamed up with bold diamond studs and a solitaire diamond ring. Her insanely gorgeous radiance was illuminating the red carpet as she opted for a matching red lipstick and handbag.

Kate Bakinsale with 69th golden globes

We are talking about diamonds and white so we should talk about Kate Bakinsale and Jessica Alba. Both of them trusted diamonds for the glittering night and their selection has outshined everything there. The Underworld’s vampire Kate arrived in a dramatic mermaid gown which was nothing but just perfect for her gorgeous looks. She accessorized this beaded silhouette with diamond chandeliers and diamond bracelets. The gleam of her jewels was enough to radiate the award show.

Jessica Alba with 69th golden globes

Jessica Alba channeled her feminine elegance in a lavender beaded gown and made a sensational red carpet appearance with her chandelier diamond earrings teamed up with broad diamond bracelet and a diamond ring.

Naya Rivera diamond earrings

Another glee beauty who opted for diamond earrings was Naya Rivera. She complemented her high collar silky grey Vera Wang gown with just a pair of forever diamond earrings and a diamond ring.

Claire Danes, Evan Rachel Wood, Natalia Portman, Sofia Vergara, Paula Petton, Jessica Chastain and many other celebrities had believed diamond jewels for a luminous Golden Globe night.

Different styles of diamond studs, drops and chandeliers were prominently catching the attention during the entire event and it has again showed that love for diamonds is incomparable.

Hillary Scott and Chris Tyrell are Married

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum has walked down the aisle with drummer Chris Tyrell on Saturday 7th Jan. the couple married in front of family and close friends in upstate New York and later posted a video on Lady Antebellum’s official website announcing their wedding.

Hillary Scott and Chris Tyrell are married

The bride was looking stunningly beautiful in a custom made Vera Wang strapless mermaid dress with abstract lace work and tulle skirt. The wedding dress was complemented with a mantilla veil. And the groom was equally looking charming in gray Ermenegildo Zegna suit.

The lead drummer of Love and Theft, Chris Tyrell proposed Hillary Scott with a brilliant diamond ring over a weekend in July. The ring holds a diamond on double band and is looking perfectly beautiful bling for a beautiful lady.

Round Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Diamonds are a charming choice for engagement rings since time immemorial. If you are also looking for a diamond engagement ring to please your sweetheart then select a vintage style ring as this is the latest trend. If pave setting is what you enjoy the most then a ring with colored gemstone could also be a lovely option where pave diamonds will enhance the beauty of the center stone and will make your gift an eye-catching piece.

Miami Heat LeBron James proposed girlfriend Savannah Brinson with a massive diamond engagement ring

By the time you all might have heard that basketball superstar LeBron James have proposed his longtime girlfriend, Savannah Brinson during a New Year party at SL nightclub in Miami.

But do you know this New Year surprise present for Savannah came with the brilliance of pear-shaped diamond engagement ring. The bold diamond in the center is accompanied with glimmering baguettes and the new bride-to-be was spotted showing her diamond engagement ring while she was watching her husband’s match.

LeBron James See His Fiancee's Massive Engagement Ring!

I must say diamonds have such a radiance that they can lighten up every heart they touch. If you are also planning to pop the question in near future then pick a diamond ring to speak for you. It’s not needed to be a hefty diamond but you can choose some other stylish rings like the halo or spiral designs with princess-cut medium size diamonds.

How about the emerald cut and baguette diamonds three stone ring? Well that’s a classic piece to make someone feel special. It’s not only that diamonds have the charming brilliance; they symbolize eternal love and lasting relation. As diamonds are the hardest gems on earth so they signify indestructible commitment.

          Emerald Cut and Baguette Diamond Three Stone Ring Round Diamond Ring

If you like something more symbolic then choose halo diamond ring. These are the latest trend in engagement rings where a center stone is encircled by a diamond halo. It shows the dynamic and divine love for your sweetheart. The center stone could be a diamond or any other gem set in your choice of setting.

You can look some more designs in diamond engagement rings and even customize one according to your choice. It’s not just diamond; it’s the reflection of your emotions so it has to be a perfect one!

Natural fancy diamond engagement rings

Diamonds have such a mystical charm that they easily conjure everyone. They are the favorites of women but men also equally like them. Diamonds are the integral part of jewelry. They are the symbol of love, loyalty and devotion. A diamond engagement ring denotes a strong, indestructible long lasting relation. Diamonds express romance and care.

Heidi Klum's Diamond Ring

Nature has created a spectacular range of color diamonds which are available for your pleasure. These color diamonds since their inception have been a favorite of jewelry designers and jewelry lovers. And they are also in trend for adding splendid beauty to engagement rings.


Celebrities and royalties have a special affection with natural color diamonds. In fact many are passionate about these fancy beauties of nature. Hefty fancy diamond engagement rings have made their way in the celeb world. Charlie Sheen, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez and Anna Kournikova are few of the glam zone divas who were given some magnificent natural diamond engagement rings.

Round Diamond Trail Ring

Pink, yellow, green, blue and black are the most desired colors in diamond engagement rings. The coming year is likely to have more examples of fancy diamond rings with some great designs. Natural fancy diamonds have different standards of quality. And their price depends on their color intensity and rarity. But it’s not compulsory that the price will always be on the higher side.

If you wish to have a medium to slightly intense colored diamond you could get that in quite reasonable range. Natural color diamond rings are truly unique and exclusive present and they effortlessly add a distinction to any look.

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