Top Five Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Whether you plain forgot or didn’t get time, there is no way you can escape for buying her a brilliant gift. You have to have that super sparkly present before the special day. Now that it is just a couple of days left, here are our last minute gift suggestions to help you save the date. Remember, each of them is available for free express deliver by Valentine’s Day, and has 47% Off plus 15% additional discount.

Diamond Journey Heart Pendant

This brilliant diamond pendant is a significant gift to express love and commitment. The diamonds are graduated in heart shape, giving the pendant a more meaningful look. Heart is the vital source of life in our body and it shows how your heart has traveled through the journey of love and emotions. Isn’t that interesting?

Carnelian East West Solitaire Ring

With sophisticated and magnetic look, this ultra-modern solitaire ring is a bright symbol of love. The stone is uniquely set in east west direction instead of regular north south. The bright marquise carnelian has exclusive sugar loaf cut which makes it so different. Further, the pink gold bezel setting over the white gold band simply intensifies the drama. A very important reason why this ring should be your Valentine’s Day gift is the inspiration behind the design. It is inspired by the many mood of ‘Taj Mahal‘, which is world famous for its love story.

Citrine Drop Pendant

Another piece from the ‘Taj Mahal Collection’ is this sugar loaf citrine drop pendant. Available in both silver and white gold, this pristine and dainty pendant is perfect for her everyday styling. Along with the famous love story of Taj Mahal, the craftsmanship and high finish are other reasons to chose this as your special gift.

Diamond Twisted Earrings

Exceptionally beautiful, these twisted loop enhanced blue diamond and white diamond earrings are a luxury quotient. Diamonds are almost every girl’s best friend. Moreover, when you have colored diamonds, its perfect icing over the cake. She will surely going to love these red carpet worthy earrings.

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