Top Five Wedding Color Ideas

Are you planning or preparing for a 2015 wedding?

Spring and summers are the loveliest seasons to get hitched. With an immense beauty of Nature around us, these times of the year benefit with choosing the most bewitching themes, venues, and colors schemes for your wedding. Even if it is your closest friend or cousin, you can propose with flavorsome ideas due to sweet, springtime breezes.


For a glorious and momentous wedding, one needs to opt for an offbeat theme and exclusive color combinations in everything, right from wall decors to luncheon tables, centerpieces to cakes, and bridesmaids’ dresses to bridal jewelry and accessories. With the best choice of colors, even a modest venue leads to an impressive event.

Here is a roundup of wedding color schemes to help making it a perfect wedding of the year. Remember to include the second one in a slightly pastel shade.

Celestial Blue & Silver

Mixing the blue of the sky with sparkling silver, one can make for a heavenly wedding ceremony. Blue takes a different tone when fused with silvery glitters. Mostly, couples pick this fusion for Christmas weddings, but including it in a spring season will be a unique selection. Let your bridesmaids be dressed in a relatively darker shade with aquamarine jewelry on the bride’s neck and ears.

Petiole Green & White

How lovely and innate will it be with two organic colors of the Mother Earth? While petiole/leaf green denotes abundance and renewal, white adds to the elegance or serenity of the environment. You can call it an eco-friendly green wedding. Look for some variety with adding touches to emerald green to the leafy base. Green flowers and herbs in a white vase or vice versa present asceticism.

Girly Lavender & Peach

This is something very rare you see. If you love purple and its acquaintances, you are a real chic at heart. Peach with lilacs projects one of the most contrasting color schemes. Orchid bouquets will make for a lovely wedding, along with peach puffs.

Golden Yellow & Orange

If you and your mate love gleam and glamour, nothing can be better than shades of yellow and orange. The color, golden yellow calls for glory while orange is a peppy enhancer to it. At the same time, the muted tones of both offer a mellow, warm and sunny vibe during a rainy weather. What weddings are complete without a hint of gold though?

Ballerina Pink & Red

Very ladylike and feminine, both pink and red are most women’s favorites. It can be a prolific choice for any wedding as it is an interesting and acceptable combination. Spring too loves the grandeur of reds and pinks. You can make the most romantic floral arrangements with these two. Strokes of royal red rubies in embellishments are widely preferred.

Well, it’s all about your personal taste and preference, we strongly feel the above color pallets contribute to a huge success. Tell us your opinion and provide some more lively and innovative suggestions for the wedding season.

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