Wedding Rings – a pledge of love

It is the wedding season! And, when we talk about weddings, wedding rings seem like an indispensable part of it. Exchanging wedding rings is one of the most sacred traditions in a wedding and wedding rings are undoubtedly that jewelry that one treasures for all his/her life.

But I realized for something as important as this, very few might be aware of how all of it started, about the history of wedding rings.

Wedding rings that are now believed to be a symbol of everlasting love and loyalty don’t have a history that is as romantic. For the Romans, acceptance of a ring by a young lady was binding; it was like a legal agreement that the girl was no longer free. In early Egypt the ring was also associated with the supernatural and was gifted believing that it would increase the life of its wearer.

In many customs, exchanging wedding rings was also symbolic of giving valuables to the newly wed couple. In those times, marriage was seen as a contract between two families and not much as two individuals.

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