What’s hot in Wedding Rings?

Wedding rings are most certainly the most cherished jewelry that one wears. It is one of those rare pieces of jewelry that is worn by both husband as well as wife. And also, something that you would go on wearing each day of your life. Here is a quick brief on what’s hot in wedding rings.

  #1. Diamond Eternity Rings – At number one are the diamond eternity rings. When it comes to ‘Wedding Rings for her’ diamond eternity rings have surely scored over the plain wedding bands. These rings have a unique combination of subtlety and brilliance, much like the woman you are going to marry. The eternity band give her the sense of continuity and immortality of love, while the diamonds make her feel cherish and loved, a definite right of every woman.

 #2. Plain Wedding Bands – Plain wedding bands are an all time classic when it comes to wedding rings. Especially when it comes to ‘Wedding Rings for him’ nothing works better. These bands have a subtlety and class that makes them perfect for everyday wear. In the plain wedding band as well, you could choose amongst yellow gold, white gold, platinum and the different kinds of finishes to give it a style that will beautifully merge with the personality of your soon to be husband.

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